About Us

About Us.

This blog (www.bona9ja.com) is
Own by Mr Izeogu Maduabuchi  Managed by Bonaventure Andrew. It was established in May 2014.

Our Aim.
We intend to share general knowledge on different kinds of internet/tech related problems. Ranging from. Fixing of malfunctioning mobile phones, sharing meaningful blogging tips, Providing moderate advice that will bring about modest browsing Etc.
This blog was built with passion and love that will provide people  different kinds of solution to different kinds of problems through continuous research and past experience that brought about knowledge. Indeed experience is a teacher.
As part of our operating system, we try to create a mutual relationship with our blog readers and guest by creating a platform where they can post complaints and suggestions directly to the administrators through the contact form in this blog.
Feeding you with valuable information gives us that euphoric feeling. As regards to that, we  are always available to resolve your problems and provide solutions to your Enigma(s) every 24hours of the day and 7days of the week.
We give all appreciation and thanks to almighty God for continuous inspiration and abundant gift of knowledge

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