New: How to subscribe to Airtel 1.5GB Data plan for N50

Airtel recently upgraded their smartTrybe plan which gives you unlimited data for N100 which last for 1H or N200 which last for 2H. This recent updates is exclusive to those who were formally in the SmartTrybe plan.

How do I migrate to Airtel SmartTrbe?

To migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe, simply dial the migration code *312# and reply with 1.
Also you will be able to choose any of the SmartTrybe plans listed above after migration by dialling *312# and replying with the corresponding number.

Those on Airtel SmartTrybe are allowed to make calls to all national networks at 11K/S (N6.60K/min) after the first 50 seconds of the day and also to call five international destinations of UK, US, China, India and Canada at 20K/S (N12/min) rate.
Also to be included is 1GB for N500 valid for 1 week, N200 for 250MB + 30min Airtel calls weekend offer and also free 15MB for the week after you recharge with up to N200 in any week.

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