Best/Advisable/Recommended Data Plans to go for this Ember month.

Best/Advisable/Recommended Internet plans to go for this ember month.

Hello guys, I will like to list out the best and most advisable data plan to go for this Ember/Mber
 No doubt android users now have almost same edge as BlackBerry users when it comes to Internet subscription...
Bright future ahead for Android users I guess.

  •  Airtel Android Internet Subscription.

Airtel internet subscription for Android is one of the most advisable data plans to go for this ember month period... Or other periods since other network operators have failed to introduce their own Android plans. You get 2gb for just N2000 using this plan. The best thing about this airtel Android data plan package is that, You don't need any special trick to use it in your Android device and you can also use it on other devices like iOS or your PC. With this plan, you get more data for lesser money.
There's a promo going on for this  service, You get 4gb for N2000 & 9gb for 3.5k   this service is available only for selected sims.. Read more Here

To opt in for this plan, Follow the procedure below.
Dial *141# and follow the prompts.

  • Buying From Data Resellers.

This is a very good concept introduced by network providers As it doesn't only reduce the price of data, but also it greats small scale job employments for youths ... Mostly youths in the university.
In this form of data plan, Here the data reseller(retailer) buys large quantity of data from the network operator of choice, and sell it in small quantity to the consumers(Phone/PC users etc).
You can get data at very cheap rates using this form.
Imaging buying:
1000mb at N1200
700mb at N750
500mb at N550
250mb at N300.
Well, its very real and true. You can even get this amount of data at cheaper prices since there are lot of peeps into the business.

How to buy:

They're lots of peeps doing this business on Nairaland. Just visit and click the phones section, You should see lots of adverts of people selling data in the threads there.. Just choose who you'd like to purchase from and remember to choose wisely since they're lots of scammers there!
You can whatssap me @08164412295 to help you connect with trusted data resellers.

  • Glo Bis on Android.

This has always been the favourite data plan for every android user.
With glo bis, you get 3gb for just #1000 which last for 30days. The bad side about this is that, you will need to change your imei in other to use the plan on your Android. Changing of IMEI is illegal in some countries.
Since you need cheat/trick to use glo bis on your Android, it is likely to be blocked someday.. It might get blocked the very day you subscribe for the plan since its a cheat anyway!
Learn how to change your imei and enjoy glo Bis Here

MTN Night Plan.
Although this plan offers a mouth watering 4.5gb for N2500, I still think its still very expensive due to the fact that you can only use it at night.. B/W 6pm-9pm.
Although they're ways to bypass this limitations though. But removing N2500 from your pocket to subscribe for and internet plan you won't even enjoy during the day time is somehow outrageous.
To opt in for this service, just load your N2500 and dial *106# its that easy.

  • Etisalat 5mins unlimited browsing for N15.

I will highly recommend this to those who have high 3G/4G speed in their location. This plan is also recommended to those who do heavy downloading and with fast connection too.
With this plan you get to browse unlimitedly for 5mins at N15 which means, if you have N100 in your phone you get to browse for about 30.5mins unlimitedly.
To use this service, just recharge and
Dial *229*5*7#
Dial *229*0# to unsubscribe.

That's it.

You can post your questions regarding how to subscribe for this plans

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